Stitch Easy | Brother LS2125i Sewing Machine Review
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Brother LS2125i Sewing Machine Review

There are many sewing machines that are ideal for beginners to learn how to sew with. TheBrother LS2125i Brother LS2125i is a simple, lightweight, portable and easy to use sewing machine that is generally suitable for light or basic crafting and sewing. It’s another great sewing machine produced by Brother International sewing company.

The company has good reputation for it’s known for producing high quality embroidery machines. The LS2125i is currently one of the most popular affordable sewing machines for beginners, and it is easy to see why once you start using it. All of the features built into the sewing machine are very easy to operate, even if you are completely new to using a machine of any kind.

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A closer look at the Brother LS2125i

Design features

The machine is relatively light; weighing about 13 lbs. it misses an LCD screen but comes with a convenient and easy to use stitch selector dial used to select the desired stitch pattern. It has the following dimensions:

  • Length 15.0”
  • Width 6.0”
  • Height 11.0”



Brother ls2125i comes with a warranty of 25 years. You therefore don’t need to worry when buying this sewing machine. This also gives the buyer the assurance that the Brother LS2125i is not just an ordinary machine, but a perfect and efficient sewing machine.

Ease of use

Brother-LS2125i-4aThis sewing machine features a simple design that makes it easy to use, and hence suitable for beginners. All stitch patterns are clearly written on the machine’s surface. The selector dial is also clearly labeled with even the direction to rotate it.

The process of loading the bobbin with thread is quite simple in the LS2125i. It involves slipping the thread through a hole in the bobbin, putting the bobbin on the winder, then latching it into place on the foot pedal.


The following are accessories that come with the Brother LS2125i

  • 4 bobbins
  • 1 twin needle
  • Extra spoon pin
  • 3 packs of needlesBrother-LS2125i-2a
  • Darning plate

Automatic step buttonholes

This sewing machine features four step automatic buttonholes. The process of creating button holes is thus easy considering that the process is automated. Also, there is an included button fitting foot that is used to sew on each button.

Number of stitch patterns

The LS2125i has a total of 10 in-built stitch patterns. For a machine that is designed for the beginner this is plenty to start with and to learn how to sew with. They include heirloom and decorative stitches with multiple stitch functions.


Tension control dial

This machine does not only contain a stitch selector dial, but also a tension control dial that helps in smoothening and tightening of stitches. Turning the dial towards the right increases tension while turning it towards the left decreases tension.

Different projects require different amount of stitch tensions, for example, light weight fabrics require lesser tension compared to that required for denim. Everything is set up to make life as easy as possible when using this machine, so it will not become overwhelming for those just starting out.

Other features of this sewing machine include:

  • Presence of presser-feet that is easy and quick to change
  • Fold down handle that makes it easy to carry it from one place to another
  • Built in sewing light
  • Auto-set stitch width and length adjustment
  • Electric powered
  • Presence of a free arm that makes sewing of cuffs and sleeves easy
  • Foot controller pedal

Brother-LS2125i-3aLast thoughts on the Brother LS2125i

The Brother LS2125i proves to be one of the cheapest sewing machines that can comfortably handle all routine alterations at home. The warranty proves that the machine will give you extra service at a reasonably low budget. Certainly a great buy for those just starting out with their sewing, and a very well built and reliable machine too.






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