Stitch Easy | Brother PE 500 Embroidery Machine Review
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Brother PE 500 Embroidery Machine Review

With the remarkable new Brother PE 500 embroidery machine you can enter the world of trulyBrother PE 500 affordable embroidering like never before. The PE 500 embroidery-only machine from Brother is easy to use and rich with a myriad of features.

In fact, this embroidery machine comes with some of the most top-notch features that are usually available with more expensive machines. As a result, embroidering will become easier and more fun for you. It does not matter if you are an advanced embroiderer or you are going to embroider for the very first time, the PE 500 embroidery machine from Brother is perfect for you.

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Clothing can be recycled using it by adding fashionable new embellishments. Everyday blankets and pillows can be turned into customized gifts for family and friends. There are virtually endless options with the PE 500 from Brother. With computer connectivity, designs can also be imported from the computer.

A closer look at the Brother PE500

Built-in designs

When it comes to the embroidery designs, the PE 500 from Brother has 70 designs built into it and that is not all. The embroidery machine also has 120 different frame pattern combinations and also 5 font styles for monogramming and lettering, all of which are also built into it. Thus, for advanced embroiders, these choices will really come in handy, while a beginner will find these choices interesting to use.

Easy-to-use, backlit LCD touch screen display

Since the Brother PE 500 has a touch screen LCD display, the designs that are built into the machine can be easily accessed and edited. Tutorials on how to use this editing feature can also be viewed on the screen.

4 x 4 inch embroidery area

Brother-PE-500-2aIt does not matter what embroidery project you want to take on. With the PE 500 embroidery machine from Brother you can manage to successfully complete virtually all kinds of embroidery projects because it has an ample work space of 4 inches x 4 inches. That is actually quite an ample embroidery area.

Automatic needle threader

Along with being quite an advanced embroidery sewing machine, the Brother PE 500 has also been designed to be easy and convenient to use, which is why there are a variety of automatic features offered by the machine as well.

People will not even have to frustrate themselves by threading a needle since this machine evenBrother-PE-500-3a has the feature of an automatic needle threader. With the press of a button, the thread is automatically threaded into the needle.

Each of the buttons of these automatic functions are specifically located such that they are well within reach and that is the reason users find it so easy to use the PE 500 machine.

Additional features

Other features that the PE 500 is equipped with include:

  • Computer connectivity
  • Wide range of accessories
  • Downloadable designs from


Last thoughts on the Brother PE 500

The Brother PE 500 is truly an innovative embroidery machine, probably like nothing any embroiderer has ever used before. Thus, this embroidery machine from Brother will truly make embroidering easy and fun for anyone either starting out or more experienced. Embroidering with the PE 500 is a fun and rewarding experience due to the machine’s ability to enable you to get creative and produce very good quality designs.





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