Brother XL 3750 Sewing Machine Review

Rating: 4 (out of 5)

Brother has an extensive diversity of machines to cater for a sewer’s budget and most Brother XL-3750importantly the level of skills. Widely accepted as the best non computerized sewing, quilting and mending machine, the Brother XL-3750 is one piece of equipment that has a lot to be desired.

For experienced menders, hobbyists and garment makers alike, the XL-3750 serves its purpose to the fullest as it has a lot of really useful features to make sewing easy and enjoyable. It is a small and compact sewing machine that is very easy to handle, so when it comes to storing it when not in use it will be easy to pick up and move.

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A closer look at the Brother XL-3750

Number of stitch patterns available

Although it is not computerized, the sewing, garment construction and mending machine comes with an impressive 35 stitch patterns that are automated to operate efficiently. They are built-in functionality that enables the choosing of any stitch patterns to be done on the selection dial.

At the same time, a sewer can be able to adjust the length of the stitch on the same selection dial. This automation offers quick set up in seconds rather than minutes. The bobbin winding system on the Brother XL-3750 is also automated to offer easement of the process of winding the bobbin on the machine.

Brother XL-3750 review

The bobbin system is constructed to be of a drop-in mode and thus its bobbin threading process is effortless. There is also the thread cutter and a needle threader. The bobbin case should always be kept tight and clean, otherwise it leads to the stitches being misaligned and uneven.

Automated buttonhole feature

Brother-XL-3750-4aButtonholes are usually very small, making it difficult to set them up manually. The XL-3750 has an auto size buttonhole maker that is easy to operate. It offers perfect buttonholes each time you make them by the stitch balance control feature that the buttonhole maker has.

It is a light and small sewing machine but very firm and stable when in operation. Large projects such as quilting can be comfortably carried out on the machine and produce quilts of high quality. Even better is that it comes with an additional oversize table to offer a big working platform for your work undertakings.

Product dimensions

The actual dimensions of the Brother XL-3750 without the over sized table fitted are (in inches); Height = 11.5 , Length = 15.4 , Width = 6.7 , Weight = 12 pounds.

Its sewing surface can easily be converted to free sewing arm for sleeves and cuffs. It has the traditional flat bed surface. The extension table offers storage of your items and the necessary accessories. The reverse sewing lever offers many angles onto which you can work pieces of garment together.

The Brother XL-3750 has comes with the foot pedal sewing feature. Many stream stresses find theBrother-XL-3750-3a future appealing as it has been maintained since the inventions of the sewing machine. The seven snap-on pressure feet is also a good feature complimenting the Brother XL-3750.

The XL-3750 is very lightweight and its portable nature is of great advantage to be able to carry it anywhere for use by the sewers. Its ease of operation and durability has seen it to be of preference to many sewing enthusiasts and is also a great start for beginners.

Final thoughts on the Brother XL-3750

Another really good entry-level sewing machine from Brother, the XL-3750 really does offer some useful features and an easy-to-use setup. It is clearly laid out so you can see the different features that are incorporated into its design, and they are all very easy to access. The Brother XL-3750 is a good option for the beginner that wants to learn and have room to grow their skills also.


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