Stitch Easy | Juki HZL-K85 Computerized Sewing and Quilting Machine Review
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Juki HZL-K85 Computerized Sewing and Quilting Machine Review

Since 1945, the Juki brand of sewing and quilting machines has been providing high-quality Juki HLZ-K85sewing machines in and out of Japan. Sixty years later, the company still upholds their famous reputation by continuously manufacturing reliable and affordable machines for home and industrial use. One of these models is the Juki HLZ-K85, a computer-controlled sewing machine designed for both aspiring and veteran dressmakers.

Centering on the company’s high-power motor, the HZL-K85 sewing machine perfectly blends classic Juki performance together with modern comforts like Automatic Threading, Digital Display, Sensor Buttonholes, Zero-Heat LED lights, and more.

Key features of the Juki HLZ-K85

Stitch selection and effects

Fully loaded with 150 built-in stitches, the Juki HZL-K85 offers a wide assortment of stitch patterns to achieve different results. This includes patterns for special fabrics like stretch jerseys and knits, along with a range of characters to go with your single-stitched figures. The machine will also give you the freedom of choosing between automatic or manual tension settings.

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By using the automatic thread tension or decreasing/increasing the tension manually, you can create various stitch effects effortlessly. Another way of creating unique effects is through the variable stitch length and width, which can be adjusted up to 4mm and 7mm respectively.

Easy operation, user-friendly functions

The HZL-K85 was designed to assist dressmakers of all skill levels with its easy operation and user-friendly functions. The start/stop button features a luminous status indicator which offers added control to the traditional foot pedal. Securing stitches at the start or end of the seam is now made easier thanks to the reverse stitch button.


There is also a practical threading system that will push the thread right through the needle’s eye for you – hands free. Buttonholes are not a problem either, as the machine features one-step sensor buttonholes that automatically adjusts to different button sizes.

Just place a button in the corresponding foot, choose your preferred style and start sewing away. And if you ever want to do some artistic free motion quilting, simply drop the feed dogs and you’re good to go.

Japanese engineering at its finest

Juki-HLZ-K85-4aThe high-capacity motor of the HZL-K85 gives it the power to sew at incredible speeds of up to 750 stitches per minute, which is faster than most full-size sewing machines from the same price range. Like other sewing and quilting machines from the company, you can expect that the motor runs quietly, smoothly, and wobble-free for superior stitch quality every time.

To ensure accurate results on darker fabrics, this model is also equipped with a power-saving LED light that will not heat up even with prolonged use. What’s more is that despite having a robust motor, heavy duty metal frame, and loads of features, the HZL-K85 is still a lightweight at less than 16 pounds.

Practical accessories

This model from the HZL-K series comes with a number of useful accessories to make sewing Juki-HLZ-K85-5aquicker, easier, and more enjoyable. It features a practical free arm that can be used by sliding the aux bed to the unit’s left side. With this, interchanging from blind stitching, buttonhole, zipper, overcastting, and quilting is a breeze.

Not to be missed is the instruction DVD to walk you through the setup and usage, along with a hard cover case to keep the machine in tip-top shape for the years to come. In addition to the 6 presser feet, the accessory bag also includes 4 bobbins, S/M/L spool caps, seam ripper, screw driver, and a set of needles.

In case you want to stitch on larger work pieces anytime soon, then you may get the optional extension table accessory. It is this versatility that makes the Juki HLZ-K85 a really good option for all kinds of sewists and certainly why it has become a very popular machine.

Additional information

Juki-HLZ-K85-2aThe Juki HZL-K85 computerized sewing and quilting machine measures 7.4 by 16.3 by 11.8 inches (D x W x H) and weighs in at 15.6 pounds. It is covered by the manufacturer’s 5-year limited warranty on parts and service.

Last thoughts on the Juki HLZ-K85

Although the HLZ-K85 sewing machine from Juki may not be as well-known as the Brother and Singer machines for the home users, but it certainly has just as much to offer as these better known makes. It is a computerized machine and it is very easy to use. The Juki HZL-K85 is very versatile and is ideal for a wide range of users.






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