Stitch Easy | Laura Ashley Limited Edition CX155LA Computerized Sewing Machine Review
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Laura Ashley Limited Edition CX155LA Computerized Sewing Machine Review

The Laura Ashley CX155LA is a limited edition sewing machine from the legendary Brother Laura Ashley limited edition CX155LAIndustries. This versatile machine comes with over 100 programmed stitches for sewing and quilting, along with 8 buttonhole styles and up to 55 alphanumeric stitches for adding that designer finish to your creations.

As a computerized model, the CX155LA will let you perform different tasks with a push of a button, and includes a full set of designer accessories to push your creativity to the limits. It is ideal for people of all levels, as it will be easy to use for the beginner, and it will provide an advanced sewing ability for the more experienced.

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A closer look at the Laura Ashley limited edition CX155LA

Uniquely versatile

Brother designed the Laura Ashley limited edition CX155LA to suit the needs of novice dressmakers and advanced couturiers alike. A total of 155 unique stitch patterns are built into the machine, which offers virtually limitless possibilities for your sewing and quilting projects. This includes eight “One-Step” buttonholes that automatically calculate the best size of the hole to fit specific buttons properly.


Incorporating pretty monograms to your creations is also made easier thanks to 55 alphanumeric stitches. And if you want to pursue your most creative work yet, this limited edition model has got you covered with the 11 quilting and sewing feet that comes with the set.

Easy viewing and control

Laura-Ashley-limited-edition-CX155LA-6aAnother great thing about the Laura Ashley CX155LA is that it makes sewing simpler and quicker. Simply choose a pattern from the printed stitch guide, press a button, and you can see it displayed on the convenient LCD screen. The large LCD display is also backlit for easy viewing even in low-lit conditions.

Sewing on dark fabrics is not a problem either, as the machine comes installed with a LED light that brightly illuminates the work space. There’s also a start/stop button, needle up/down, variable speed control, and easy to use foot pedal. These key features will give you access to the stitch speed slide lever and get full control over the sewing speed of the machine.

Value-added features

The sewing efficiency and convenience offered by the Laura Ashley CX155LA simply doesn’t end Laura-Ashley-limited-edition-CX155LA-4athere, as it’s loaded with value-added features to boot. To start with, the machine has Brother’s exclusive Quick-Set drop-in bobbin that works to ensure the bobbin remains in place as you stitch away. This jam-resistant device helps maintain a high stitch quality and reliability, which are essential to fine sewing.

It also features an automatic needle threading system that makes threading easier than ever. All that you have to do is touch the side lever and the CX155LA will push your thread straight through the needle automatically.

Generous freebies

Laura-Ashley-limited-edition-CX155LA-5aBrother Industries aims to give back to their customers by throwing in some useful freebies to this affordable and feature-packed sewing machine. The full set of accessory feet that comes with package consists of the blind stitch, button sewing, buttonhole, monogramming, overcasting, piecing, quilting, walking, stitch guide, zigzag, and zipper foot.

Rounding things up is the free accessory bag that contains a ballpoint needle, twin needle, bobbin clip, cleaning brush, eyelet punch, extra spool pin, power cord, and instructional DVD.

Additional information

The Laura Ashley Limited Edition CX155LA measures 17.3 by 8 by 12.4 inches (D x W x H) and tips the scales at approximately 11 pounds. It is covered by the manufacturer’s 25-year limited warranty on parts and service.Laura-Ashley-limited-edition-CX155LA-1a

Last thoughts on the Laura Ashley limited edition CX155LA

There is a reason why Laura Ashley has put their brand name behind this sewing machine, and that is because it delivers the kind of quality that they provide with their own products. With 155 built-in stitch patterns and automation by the computer, the Laura Ashley limited edition CX155LA offers a really good sewing machine that is both versatile and affordable.






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