Stitch Easy | Reliable 2000U-33 Barracuda Portable Sewing Machine Review
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Reliable 2000U-33 Barracuda Portable Sewing Machine Review

Often compared to Sailrite’s LSZ-1, the Reliable 2000U-33 Barracuda was specially engineered toReliable 2000U-33 Barracuda meet the demands of serious hobbyists, boat owners, and small businesses alike. Despite lacking the extra bells and whistles of the Ultrafeed model, this zigzag and straight-sewing machine still delivers excellent performance and versatility in one affordable package.

It runs on a powerful motor and features an oscillating shuttle hook, spring-loaded reverse, piping foot, outside zipper foot, and high-lift walking foot. There are also several accessories included in the set like the foot control, extension table, thread stand, extra bobbins, and extra needles.

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Key features of the Reliable 2000U-33 Barracuda

Reliable performance

The Reliable 2000U-33 Barracuda offers a more efficient sewing with its robust built-in motor that can generate a max sewing speed of 800 rotations per minute. It uses standard 135 x 17 needles and has a high-lift 1/4-inch clearance walking foot for feeding thicker work-pieces or multiple layers of fabric into the unit consistently as you stitch away.

Reliable-2000U-33-Barracuda-2a Reliable-2000U-33-Barracuda-3a

With this feature, the sewing machine can sew up to 8 layers of Sunbrella-Plus in one go, or even 10 layers of heavy canvas at once. A built-in speed reducer is also present, to give the Barracuda that much-needed torque when taking on tougher fabrics. There’s no need to worry about slippery and elastic work-pieces either, thanks to a series of toothed pulleys and belts that help prevent slippage caused by sticky and slippery materials.

Excellent versatility

Reliable-2000U-33-Barracuda-6aFor added flexibility, the Barracuda features a top and bottom feed along with a wide selection of stitching options. These include the 0 – 6 millimeter stitching length, 8 millimeter stitch width, and up to 4 stitches for every inch. The pressure foot lift is 8 millimeters by knee and 9 millimeters by hand, while the 7-inch work space and 14.5-inch bed size provides sufficient space when working.

But if that’s not enough, the 2000U-33 sewing machine also comes with a 12.5-inch by 6-inch extension table with folding legs to accommodate larger workloads. Another useful feature is the oscillating shuttle hook and the welting foot that covers 3/16 and 1/8-inch piping, plus the outside zipper foot for easy zipper-making. After stitching, reinforcing the seams can be done with a simple push of the spring-loaded reverse lever.

Useful options and accessories

An in-depth instruction booklet comes with the set to guide you through the setup, use, and maintenance of the machine. A full accessory kit is also included in the package, which contains the foot controller, thread stand, extra bobbins, and extra needles. One of the extra add-ons available for this unit is the 1/4-inch welting feet set that allows a full-size welting performance.

Reliable-2000U-33-Barracuda-4a Reliable-2000U-33-Barracuda-5a

Users can also get the optional Cuda Crank to turn their 2000U-33 Barracuda into a hard driving sewing machine. This comes very handy when working off the grid or for taking on heavier work-pieces. With an all-metal construction and heavy-duty carrying handle, the Barracuda sewing machine is a solid yet portable workhorse that you can take just about anywhere you go.

Additional information

The Reliable 2000U-33 Barracuda portable sewing machine measures 7 by 14 by 12 inches (D x W x H) and tips the scales at approximately 34 pounds. It is covered by the manufacturer’s 3-year limited warranty on parts and service.

Last thoughts on the Reliable 2000U-33 Barracuda

This versatile sewing machine will enable users to work on heavy duty materials as it offers both power and accuracy. It is ideal for those that need a very stable machine to work with, as it really holds firm, even when feeding through the heavier materials. The Reliable 2000U-33 Barracuda is a good option and provides a lot of quality and value for the price.






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