Stitch Easy | Sailrite Ultrafeed LS-1 Straight Stitch Sewing Machine Review
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Sailrite Ultrafeed LS-1 Straight Stitch Sewing Machine Review

First known for their industrial-strength sailmakers, the Sailrite brand has also produced a wide Sailrite Ultrafeed LS-1range of versatile sewing machines after their huge commercial success in the 1970s. The company also tapped into the world of portable sewing machines with the launch of the Sailrite Ultrafeed LS-1 and assist home users who need a reliable, portable and heavy-duty unit.

Despite its small footprint, the Ultrafeed LS-1 comes with Sailrite’s Power Plus balance wheel that runs on a 110 VAC 6,600 rpm motor to give you more sewing power and efficiency than traditional flywheels. It also features the exclusive Posi-Pin clutch for a surefire power transfer from the wheel all the way to the needle.

Plus, this model comes with a variable stitch length system and variable speed setting for flexibility, along with a plethora of accessories for easy setup, use, and maintenance.

A closer look at the Sailrite Ultrafeed LS-1

Advanced wheel and clutch

Sailrite equipped the Ultrafeed LS-1 with the Power Plus Balance Wheel for double the performance. Two times bigger and two times more powerful than regular flywheels, this balance wheel offers more sewing power at slow-controlled speeds. The wheel runs on a 110 VAC motor that can generate up to 6,600 rotations per minute, along with a dependable cogged belt and pulley drive mechanism.

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It can be operated using the grounded electronic foot control with variable speed setting. Aside from these, the LS-1 sewing machine also comes with the brand’s patented Posi-Pin clutching system that ensures safe and reliable power transfer from the wheel to the needle. This exclusive feature prevents the clutch from slipping as you sew through tough and heavy fabrics.

Versatile sewing capacity

For symmetrical stitching, the Ultrafeed LS-1 was fitted with a mechanical walking presser foot that moves in-sync with the feed dog to pull fabrics through the machine consistently. This presser foot has an integrated welting tunnel to sew piping, with the needle adjusted to the right for sewing zippers without having to switch to a zipper foot.

Sailrite-Ultrafeed-LS-1-2a Sailrite-Ultrafeed-LS-1-3a

The LS-1 is also designed to stitch through heavy, sticky, and bulky materials with ease. With a high 3/8-inch foot lift and top-of-the-line needle bar stroke, this portable machine can sew through just about any material, including denim, soft leather, upholstery fabrics, vinyl, sailcloth, and as much as ten layers of heavy canvas.

Portable convenience

This powerful sewing machine is not just known for its power and versatility, but for its ease of use as well. It comes with a deluxe carrying case so you can carry it around conveniently and in style. There’s also a 1-ounce V-92 white polyester thread, along with an integrated thread stand that swivels and attaches to the base directly for ease storage.

Sailrite-Ultrafeed-LS-1-4a Sailrite-Ultrafeed-LS-1-5a

Up to four bobbins and #20 needles are included in the set, as well as a tool kit to keep your sewing essentials in one place. Another welcome addition is the Flex20 LED Light that ensures proper illumination on low-lit conditions. Assembly, usage, and care won’t be a problem either, as the LS-1 arrives with an in-depth manual for hassle-free setup and an interactive (menu driven) DVD that covers use and maintenance.

Sailrite-Ultrafeed-LS-1-6aAdditional information

The Sailrite Ultrafeed LS-1 sewing machine measures 10.8 by 21.4 by 14.3 inches (D x W x H) and tips the scales at approximately 43 pounds. It is covered by the manufacturer’s 2-year limited warranty on parts and service.

Last thoughts on the Sailrite Ultrafeed LS-1

The LS-1 is very easy to use, yet it can do so much. It will work on heavy duty materials with ease, and the results are very impressive indeed. The Sailrite Ultrafeed LS-1 offers quality throughout its design, and is certainly a great machine for its price and should give you years of service too.






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