Singer 7258 Stylist 100 Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine Review

Rating: 4.5 (out of 5)

The SINGER 7258 Stylist is an award-winning computerized free-arm sewing machine with 10 Singer 7258 presser feet, 100-stich options, an instructional DVD and more. A large variety of stitches for every type of sewing, such as crafts, decorative and home sewing, fashion sewing, heirloom and quilting, are included in the 7258.

This Singer 7258 sewing machine stays firmly planted on the work-surface while you are using it, due to the heavy duty metal frame. This ensures that you get the best quality results and do not mess up any of your stitching because the machine moved. Ithas a lot of built in features that makes your sewing tasks that much easier, and is suitable for people of all levels, beginners to the more experienced.

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A closer look at the Singer 7258

100 Stitch Options

The 7258 Stylist computerized sewing machine from Singer ensures that the right stitch can be used for every project because it has 100 built-in stitch options. For construction and mending, it has 9 essential core stitches. For stitches that move with the fabric, it has 8 specially designed stretch stitches. Special details can be created on any project using any of the 76 decorative stitches.


This sewing machine also has 6 different one-step buttonhole styles to choose from. Perfectly sized buttonholes can be created every time, regardless of how many buttonholes need to be made. Buttonholes that have infinitely long sides can also be created because this sewing machine also has an additional endless buttonhole.

Automated computerized features

Automatic Needle Threader: It is really easy to thread the machine that it may take merely 6 seconds to thread the whole machine, from the spool to the needle’s eye. The SINGER 7258 Stylist also has printed threading instructions on it. This automatic needle threader saves a lot time when sewing.

Automatic Tension: Stable stitch quality is ensured on practically any fabric type.

Automatic Bobbin Winding: This sewing machine has a number diagram printed on it that can be followed to wind the bobbin. When the bobbin is being wound, the needle bar automatically disengages to ensure safer wounding since this prevents the needle from moving up and down. Once the bobbin is completely wound, it stops turning automatically.

Singer 7258 review Singer 7258 stylist

Auto Tie-Off Function: Straight stitches can be tied-off simply by pressing a button. The beginning and end of the seam can be reinforced so that unraveling is prevented.

Automatic Reverse: The SINGER 7258 Stylist has an Automatic Reverse Button conveniently located on it that can be pushed to sew in reverse.

Automatic Presser Foot Pressure: The presser foot automatically exerts the right amount of pressure on the fabric against the feed dogs. This means, the presser foot does not have to be adjusted to sew different fabrics, such as heaviest denim or lightest weight tricots.

LED screen

The selected stitch and its length and width settings are displayed on the LED screen. The optimum length and width is automatically set for all stitches. However, these settings can also be overridden for more creative stitching.

Additional features

The dimensions of this sewing machine are 15 inches x 7.5 inches x 12 inches, while it has a Singer-7258-5aweight of 16 pounds. Other interesting features of the 7258 Stylist from SINGER include:

  • DVD Included
  • 5-Minute Start
  • On-Board Storage
  • 750 stitches-per-minute sewing speed
  • 13 Needle Positions

Last thoughts on the Singer 7258 Stylist

The 7258 Stylist is truly an advanced automatic, computerized and multi-functional sewing machine that is a step ahead of other home sewing machines available on the market. As its name suggests, this sewing machine truly enables stylish stitching. No matter what level you are currently at with your sewing skills, the Singer 7258 Stylist will provide you with a very good platform to perform your sewing on and improve your skills further still.


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