Stitch Easy | Singer 9970 Quantum Stylist Sewing Machine Review
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Singer 9970 Quantum Stylist Sewing Machine Review

Smart design meets sophisticated technologies in the new Singer 9970 Quantum Stylist. As theSinger 9970 Quantum Stylist Sewing Machine bigger brother of the 9960, this sewing machine offers more in terms of performance, features, and value. It comes equipped with a large collection of stitches that range from basic to advanced, including decorative, utility, alphanumeric, automatic buttonholes and more.

Viewing and control is made easy by the large LCD screen with intuitive button layout, while the integrated LED lights provide optimal illumination. There are also free accessories included in the package like a hard dust cover, removable extension table, and 24 presser feet for added sewing efficiency.

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Key features of the Singer 9970

600 stitches at your command

No matter if you’re into dressmaking, quilting, home décor, or crafting, the 9970 Quantum Stylist will push your creativity to the next level. It comes with a total of 600 built-in stitch patterns to play with, so you can explore different stitch combinations and pursue endless possibilities for your projects.


Personalizing your work is one step away as it will let you add names, monograms, or phrases using the 5 alphanumeric fonts (Greek, script, italics, block, and block outline). These are available in both upper and lower case and stitched at a width of 5 millimeters. Making buttonholes is made simple too, thanks to the 13 automatic One-Step buttonholes.

Easy viewing and control

Singer-9970-3aThe Singer 9970 has a large LCD screen that shows essential stats such as stitch length, stitch width, needle position, tension settings, and suggested presser foot. This backlit display offers the option to control brightness so you can customize the light settings accordingly.

There’s also an automatic thread trimmer onboard for quicker and easier trimming. The high-capacity motor can generate up to 850 stitches per minute and works on a 7-segment feeding system for a higher feeding accuracy. Further assistance is supplied by the aptly-named Box Feed, which moves the feed dogs in box-like motions rather than the usual arc.

Convenient add-ons

Singer designed the 9970 Quantum Stylist with a number of helpful add-ons for sewing Singer-9970-5aconvenience. One of these is the removable extension table that provides a larger work surface to accommodate bigger projects. For optimal illumination, the machine also has onboard StayBright LED Lights, which uses up to 80 percent less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs.

This means that it’s not just helpful to you, but to the environment as well. The presser foot sensor is another welcome addition, as it ensures that the presser foot attachment is positioned correctly before sewing away.

Bundled accessories

While the 9960 and 9970 models both come with loads of accessories, the latter is bundled with six more accessories as bonus. These extra feet consist of the Seam Guide Foot, Parallel Sewing Foot, Non-Stick Foot, Gathering Foot, Edge Joining Foot, and Chenille Stitching Foot, which amounts to about $60 or so when purchased separately.


Like its smaller brother, this sewing machine also includes an onboard storage to store and organize your accessories, along with a hard cover to keep it safe from scratches and dust along the way.

Additional information on the Singer 9970

The Singer 9970 Quantum Stylist Sewing Machine measures 16 by 7.5 by 11 inches (D x W x H) and tips the scales at 17.8 pounds. It is covered by the manufacturer’s 25-year limited warranty that includes 5-years on electronic components and 1-year on adjustments.

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