Stitch Easy | TacSew GC6-6 Industrial Walking Foot Sewing Machine Review
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TacSew GC6-6

TacSew GC6-6 Industrial Walking Foot Sewing Machine Review

TacSew GC6-6The TacSew GC6-6 sewing machine is an ideal tool for both the experienced hand at sewing and for those of you who want to start off with some style or flair. A fairly Heavy duty sewing machine, the GC6-6 can handle almost any fabric you can throw at it, and its capabilities range from low grade denim (for all you beginners out there) to high grade leather for the seasoned sewing enthusiast who wants to get that big project finished in time for a special someone (or even yourself who knows?).

With industrial applications the durability of the Tacsew GC6-6 is among the highest of standards and this machine stands ready for as much work as you can give it. It should last you a very long time and still prove to be as reliable after a few years of heavy duty usage.

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A closer look at the TacSew GC6-6

Design features

At 1600 SPM (Stitches per Minute) *depending on the type of thread or fabric being used* this machine is no welter-weight when it comes to bigger projects. Its M-style big bobbin can hold nearly twice the amount of thread as the L-style, and is designed to be used longer than most other sewing machines of this caliber.

The bobbin comes already wound so you can get started faster and easier. A handy reverse feature makes starting and finishing your projects as easy as the press of a button.

Stitch patterns

The TacSew Gc6-6 features the “Straight Lock” stitch good for many large projects such as jeans, TacSew-GC6-6-5aTent repair, coat mending, making leather briefcases and is the main choice for those of us who have large projects that we need to last for years to come. While the straight lockstitch is fairly straightforward (pardon the pun) in skilled hands this machine can turn nearly every fabric into a piece of art.

Ease of use

While this machine is generally used, and/or preferred by more experienced hands at sewing it is still a wonderful first machine for the novice-beginner stage sewing enthusiasts. With top and bottom load capabilities neither the novice nor expert will have to deal with the pesky slippage of the fabrics that throw so many off when it comes to adding a new type of fabric (why won’t they just stick?).

Useful functions

TacSew-GC6-6-4aA fully automatic lubrication function leaves you with less time required in keeping your machine maintained and more time actually running it. You simply need to refill it when needed and glide on with your work.

Like the more expensive sewing machines the TacSew GC6-6 comes with the much coveted reverse stitch feature which most novice-experts would expect to see. The auto lubrication feature makes this a fun and easy setting to take advantage of, and ensures it runs smoothly every time it is used.

Additional Information

As mentioned before this machine is among the first choices for either a novice or expert in sewing. The TacSew GC6-6 is a machine highly suited for either low project output or as a heavy duty output machine for a small/large sewing industry. There are few machines that can handle the workload that the GC6-6 endures with ease.


Last thoughts on the TacSew GC6-6

Although this machine is mainly used for heavy upholstery it can make those household projects go by in a breeze with little time needed to lubricate this sewing dynamo it’s the obvious choice for all skill levels. The TacSew GC6-6 will certainly give you a lot of value for your money, and you can expect your output to go up when you start using it.





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