Stitch Easy | What You Can Create With Your Sewing Machine
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What You Can Create With Your Sewing Machine

Brother-XM2701-4aSome people buy a sewing machine as they have a specific agenda and want to use it for making a certain item. But others just like to sew as a hobby, and are always looking for new and creative ideas that they can get stuck into on their machine.

In this article we are going to take a look at some of the different things you can create with your sewing machine and also what the different types of sewing machines are capable of. A lot of the time people will own a sewing machine and only use it to a fraction of its potential.

Of course the type of sewing machine you have will play an important part as to what you can create and whether it imposes many limitations on you. But there are many good quality sewing machines that do not cost the world, but still offer you plenty of features and sewing ability. The Singer One Plus is a classic example of this, and sewing machines like this will give you a massive range of stitches and sewing capability.

Craft and Crochet

A sewing machine can open up a lot of different opportunities for you when it comes to creatingJanome-Magnolia-7330-1a different things, and some sewing machines such as the Janome Magnolia 7330 will allow you to step into the world of craft. Crochet is often done by hand but with a machine you can take it to the next level.

Many of the computerized sewing machines will have designated features and stitch patterns for crochet projects. If this is something you are interested in you should look at sewing machines such as the Singer 9960, as it has a massive range of stitch patterns that will enable you to get creative and come up with some really unique designs.


Embroidery is another popular method that can be done on a sewing machine. So much so that some people buy certain models of sewing machines, such as the Brother PE770 purely to do their embroidery patterns on. The machines will have a lot of different pattern designs that will enable you to really diversify your embroidery range, and create some very intricate designs.


If you want to do a mix of sewing and embroidery, then many sewing machines such as the Brother SE400 are designed to do both. This versatility is very appealing to many and these kind of machines are ideal for those that really want to expand their knowledge and sewing skills. It will provide additional motivation to start designing and creating a lot of different items, whether through embroidery or sewing.


Brother-XR9500prw-2bQuilting is another very popular pastime, and many sewing machines will cater for those that like to work on quilting projects. As quilts are generally larger than most garments, one of the most important added features for a suitable quilting sewing machine is a larger working table. You need to have sufficient working room when quilting, and a larger table will provide this for you.

Machines such as the Brother XR9500PRW provide you with an additional table that is much larger and can accommodate a quilt. You can usually add the table onto the machine, and take it off as and when required, so if you just wanted to do some regular sewing work you can detach the table, and then reattach any time you want to work on your quilts again.

There are many different things you can create with a sewing machine, so you just need to make sure that you get the right machine the facilitate the work you want to do. If you get one of the multi-functional machines you will give yourself so many more opportunities to improve your skills and create a wider range of items with them.

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